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With this program, improving your learning skills can be fun, entertaining, informative and best of all, easy to do! Schools at all levels provide the courses, but they don’t provide tools, strategies and methods you will find in Agrades4U. With the right techniques you can easily learn language, history, math, science and more. From middle school to university and beyond, these skills will take the stress out of learning.

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Getting A grades Was Never Simpler

Agrades4U is upbeat! Founder and educator Scott Goodkin has a B.Ed in secondary math and science. His own struggle with learning and poor grades led to development of this program. Scott went from poor student to honor student. During his years as a multicultural classroom teacher, his students raised their grades and had fun doing it. Learn how to learn, and you can raise your grades, too.

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Learning Should be Full of Fun and Entertainment

Be prepared to have fun as you learn along with founder Scott Goodkin and our entertaining cast of puppet characters brought to life by master puppeteer, Sam Bowman.

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Know Your Instructors

Our courses are designed by these loveable puppets

Agrades4U has a cast of fun and entertaining puppet characters to help learn the program contents. It’s fun. We use a combination of puppets and humans to bring the ideas in this program to life.

Why Puppets

Granpa Cratchet

Charming old timer raised with good old fashion values. Brings knowledge to Agrades4U.

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Igor Tostudy

Agrades4U science expert known for great learning tools and methods for getting A grades.

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John Inova

A scholar and presenter whose solid advice and tips help you get those A's.

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Coach Runlaps

An energetic and helpful faculty member offering great fitness and health tips and for getting A's.

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Ms. Wordsworth

A veteran teacher offering great knowledge and methods to help student get those A's.

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Boris the Book

A wise, yet entertaining, member of the faculty who brings his book-wise knowledge and expertise to Agrades4U.

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