Know Your Instructors

Meet Our Loveable Puppets

Agrades4U has a cast of entertaining puppet characters that help you learn the contents, and it’s fun. We use a combination of puppets and humans to bring the ideas in this program to life.

Adults and children love great puppet characters. Our puppets are created by Animax Designs, located in Nashville, Tennessee. They make Muppet characters, TV and Movie characters for clients such as Disney, Jim Henson’s Creatures and more. We also feel that the puppets tend to get people’s attention as they aren’t as familiar to us. A great puppeteer brings them to life.

Granpa Cratchet

Charming old timer raised with good old fashion values. Brings knowledge to Agrades4U.

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Igor Tostudy

Agrades4U science expert known for great learning tools and methods for getting A grades.

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John Inova

A scholar and presenter whose solid advice and tips help you get those A's.

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Coach Runlaps

An energetic and helpful faculty member offering great fitness and health tips and for getting A's.

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Ms. Wordsworth

A veteran teacher offering great knowledge and methods to help student get those A's.

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Boris the Book

A wise, yet entertaining, member of the faculty who brings his book-wise knowledge and expertise to Agrades4U.

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You’ll Learn & Laugh at Their Antics

Check out this short clip to introduce our puppeteer, Sam Bowman, and our puppets