Schools give students at all levels heaps of content to learn in every subject, but they don’t teach them “How to Learn It.”

The Agrades4U program is a series of short, easy-to-understand videos that take you through the tools, strategies and methods of learning step-by-step.

Unlike many workshops that are dry and boring, Agrades4U is a light-hearted, entertaining experience that makes learning easier because it helps you manage the process of learning. You will be able to improve your grades and even achieve A’s by using the time-tested Agrades4U program.

Educator and motivational speaker Scott Goodkin developed this game-changing program in his quest for self improvement. Check out Scott’s interesting true story in the Background section.


The Tools

Step-by-step coaching on how to use the Agrades4U specific learning tools. It’s not rocket science—just easy-to-use, easy-to-apply tools for learning and managing your coursework. The factors that contribute to earning those A’s.

Strategies & Methods

Agrades4U provides an entire section devoted to the strategies and methods for quiz and test taking. When all the tools in the program are used, test taking becomes a much easier task. Most of the stress associated with taking a test will be relieved.

Nutrition & Fitness

Your body and mind are underrated, but are major factors in learning. Agrades4U provides an entire section devoted to nutrition & fitness that will greatly improve learning and performance. This targets tools and techniques for mind & body.

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Scott Goodkin’s presentation plus the exceptional talent of puppeteer Sam Bowman and his cast of professional level puppets, ensure that learning these techniques will be fun and effective.

Check out the About Puppet section to learn about our cast of characters created by Animax, the company that makes Muppet characters, Disney Characters and TV/movie production puppets. Also learn why they are included in Agrades4U material.

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