Who is Agrades4U For?

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Agrades4U is a suitable program for people of all ages who wish to improve their learning skills. Although the program is primarily targeted at students in secondary grades, community college, university, professionals seeking further education or advanced degrees and those who need to take professional certification or license exams will find…


How Was Agrades4U Developed

Scott Goodkin, the developer of AGrades4U, knows what it’s like to study hard and still fail. Scott attended excellent schools in Los Angeles during the 1960s and 1970s. Although he was competitive and tried his best, most of his grades were Cs and Ds. Countless students around the world struggle with the same challenge.
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Different Approach to Learning

Schools tend to teach content, but do not teach the skills to learn it

After barely graduating high school, Scott landed a job at a motel. With no idea what the future held, this competitive young man threw himself into his work. Under the patient guidance of his manager, he learned important business skills, was promoted to resident manager and encouraged to enrol in a basic accounting course. With the guidance of his manager—who was an exceptional mentor—Scott amazed himself by achieving an A grade. During the next few years he held increasingly more responsible positions in the hotel industry as well as State and Local government.

After moving to Alaska, Scott decided to challenge himself by enrolling in the Civil Engineering program at the University of Alaska.

He struggled through and managed to make mostly Cs and a few Bs. In his third year of Civil Engineering the Alaskan economy took a downturn and civil engineers were being laid off in record numbers.

At this point, Scott was encouraged to switch majors and pursue a Bachelor of Education degree with a minor in Secondary Math and Science. As someone who struggled through school, he was determined to succeed at this seemingly impossible task. It was at this point that Scott broke down the techniques that helped him the most when he got good grades in his accounting course years earlier and also succeeding in the business world.

Unique System Was Born

Without knowing it, Scott had begun to develop the unique system that became Agrades4U.

Expanding on the techniques that worked best for him, Scott began to earn A+ grades in all of his University classes. He even made the honor roll every semester. After graduating with honors, Scott was nominated to the prestigious USA Today’s All Academic Team. As a practicing teacher in Alaska and Los Angeles, Scott shared his learning techniques with his students, defining what worked best for everyone. Finally, all the pieces had been brought together: business, university study, teaching and tutoring.

A live Agrades4U workshop was presented in two sessions in an actual school setting. It was a huge hit and the school praised Scott for his work. He went on to present the material to state-wide teacher conferences in California, Idaho and Wyoming. He continued to focus on teaching his students how to learn, as well as what to learn, and they consistently achieved outstanding results.

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Agrades4U, a unique learning program for students of all ages to achieve high grades and excellent results was now a reality!

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